World Journal of Gastroenterology Research

About Journal

World Journal of Gastroenterology Research is a scholarly journal with comprehensive peer review policy that aims at delivering up-to-date and authoritative coverage of physiology, pathophysiology, metabolic studies and clinical reports on the etiology, diagnosis, and therapy of alimentary diseases. The journal publishes articles in the form of original research, reviews, case reports, commentaries, short communications, letter to editors, mini reviews etc.

The focus of this journal is to publish cutting-edge research that facilitate the transfer of important ideas and lines of thought between and across specialities. Following are the few major areas of focus of journal but are not limited to Basic science/genetics, Biliary system/pancreas, Colorectal cancer, Endoscopy, Esophagus, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Gi bleeding, Gi infectious disease, Gi motility, Gi oncology, Hepatology, Inflammatory bowel diseases, liver and gastrointestinal transplantation, Obesity, Parenteral nutrition, Pediatric gastroenterology, Pharmacology, Radiology etc.

The articles published by this journal will be selected, and peer reviewed by highly qualified researchers across the globe in the scope of journal and is made available to all the readers soon after acceptance. Rather than interpreting the manuscripts based on their novelty we will evaluate them based on ethical standards and methodological rigor.

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