Peer Review

The reputation of a journal and the significance of any reviewed publication primarily depends on the quality of the peer review process. Peer review is the process used by scholarly journals to make sure that the articles published meet the standards of the disciplines laid.

All the manuscripts submitted to journals of Emres Publishers are screened by the editorial office to check whether the manuscript meets the criteria laid or not. If the manuscript does not meet the criteria, then it will be sent back to the author requesting to prepare the manuscript as per the author guidelines. The manuscripts which meet the criteria will undergo double-blinded peer review process.

The manuscripts that meet the criteria will be sent to the editorial board member who is an expert on the topic. The board member will assign the manuscript to at least two individual experts (peer reviewers) in the topic and request them to make a comment.

Peer reviewers will provide a critical evaluation of the paper in the comprehensive practical terms. Reviewers will make a recommendation to the Editor by deciding on a rank between 1-6, where rank 6 is strongly recommended for publication and rank 1 is rejected for publication.

Based on the recommendations from the reviewers the editor will make a decision whether the manuscript is accepted/rejected for publication or major/minor revision is required before the manuscript is accepted for publication.

Peer reviewers comments will contain a recommendation and an explanation on the respective recommendation that was made. If it is believed that changes are required before a manuscript is acceptable for publication, then they will make suggestions on how to improve the manuscript. Similarly, if they find that a paper is not acceptable for publication and has no projections of being improved sufficiently then they recommend rejection. They will also indicate if any corrections related to English grammar, punctuation or spelling are required in the manuscript.