Open Access

Open Access (OA) means the scholarly research results are made freely accessible on the web to all, without any restriction to re-use the content as long as the authors are acknowledged and their work is cited properly, as the copyrights are retained by the authors.

There are various open access models that are in use by many publishers now a days. These models are described using coloring system. The open access models available are Gold OA, Green OA, Hybrid OA, Bronze OA, Diamond OA, Bronze OA, Black OA etc.

We at EMRES publish all the articles under Gold Open Access where final version of all the articles accepted after peer review will be made accessible for everyone, immediately after their publication online. As the content is made freely available there need to be a source for the publisher to recover the costs that are involved from initial submission of manuscript to final publication and its maintenance later on. Hence, EMRES journals levy a fee directly to authors to cover the publication costs.

Benefits of Gold Open Access