eMedical Research

Editorial Board

Charles P. Sia

Assistant Professor, Department of Oral Surgery and Oral Medicine,
Cebu Doctors' University, Philippines.
E-mail: charles.sia@hotmail.com

El Hadji Seydou Mbaye

BCNet International Working Group, International Agency for Research on Cancer,
World Health Organization, Senegal,
E-mail: seydou27@hotmail.com

Frank HY Lai

Assistant Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences,
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
E-mail: frank.hy.lai@polyu.edu.hk

John Albert St. Cyr

Vice President, Research and Development,
Jacqmar, Inc., Plymouth, Minnesota, USA,
E-mail: Congenital@aol.com

Lindsay Demers

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine,
Boston University, USA,
E-mail: Lindsay.Demers@bmc.org

Mutian Zhang

Chief Medical Physicist, Department of Radiation Oncology,
Summa Health Cancer Institute, USA,
E-mail: muz7001@gmail.com

Nassir Azimi

Clinical Faculty, Division of Cardiology,
Department of Internal Medicine, Arizona College of Medicine,
Mid-Western University, USA,
E-mail: azimidoc@yahoo.com

Robert Clegg

Professor/Faculty Lead, Health Administration Programs,
School of Health Sciences, Northcentral University, USA,
E-mail: robert_clegg@sbcglobal.net

Xavier Riaud

Full Member of the National Academy of Dental Surgery,
E-mail: xavier.riaud@wanadoo.fr

Charlie Bridgewood

Leeds Institute of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Medicine,
University of Leeds, United Kingdom.
E-mail: C.D.Bridgewood@leeds.ac.uk