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Who we are

EMRES is an open access publisher committed to disseminating cutting-edge, novel research and literature to the scientific community through its open access journals. We have taken an initiative to make genuine and reliable contributions to the scientific community through rigorous peer review process. The articles published by EMRES Publishers will be selected and peer reviewed by highly qualified researchers across the globe and is made available to all the readers soon after acceptance. Rather than interpreting the manuscripts based on their novelty we will evaluate them based on ethical standards and Methodological rigor.

Our mission

At Emres Publishers, our mission is to facilitate the rapid and unrestricted exchange of scientific knowledge in the field of medicine. We believe that open access publishing plays a crucial role in accelerating scientific progress, enabling researchers to build upon existing knowledge and make meaningful contributions to medical practice and patient care. By promoting open access, we strive to break down barriers to information access and empower individuals around the world to engage with and contribute to medical research.

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Why Publish with us

  • Open access

    We publish all the articles under Gold Open Access model where final version of all the articles accepted after peer review will be made accessible for everyone, immediately after their publication online.

  • Quality

    To ensure quality and reliability of the work presented to our journals we abide to high-level peer review, editorial, author and production services. Editorial and peer review policies are available in the “authors guide” on each journal’s website.

  • Impact

    We are proud of the impact and influence our journals have - from citations to social media shares; from advancing discovery within individual disciplines to affecting public discourse and policy making.

  • Visibility

    We promote the research published in our journals as widely as we can and providing as much visibility and exposure for your article as possible. We also ensure your research is easily accessible to other researchers, communities, and institutions around the world.

  • Speed

    We offer fast publication while providing rigorous peer review to maintain the integrity of information. Turnaround time may vary depending on the journal, but in most of our journals, once the content is accepted it will be published online in 3 days.

  • Editorial Board

    All the journals are operated under the guidance of editorial board/advisory board who are experts in the journal's field. We work together to ensure that your research is expertly handled and that we consider it to be technically sound, scientifically valid, and ultimately suitable for publication.

Join Us

We invite researchers, healthcare professionals, and scholars from around the world to join us in our mission to advance medical knowledge and improve global healthcare. Whether you are an experienced researcher or a budding scholar, Emres Publishers provides a platform for you to contribute to the medical community and make a meaningful impact. Together, let us create a world where medical research is freely accessible, and where collaboration and innovation thrive.

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If you have any questions, feedback, or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team. We value your input and are committed to continuously improving our services to better serve the medical community. Thank you for choosing Emres Publishers as your trusted open access medical journal publisher.